LIT TRAILER 2 Phone Calls

LIT TRAILER 2 Phone Calls

Second trailer (North American/PAL Version) of LIT.

LIT Screenshot

Screenshot of LIT.

LIT, also known as School Of Darkness in Japan, is a horror puzzle game exclusively on the Wii as a WiiWare title (for 800 Wii Points), developed by WayForward Technologies. The game was released on February 9th, 2009. 


In a high school overrun by various terrifying creatures, Jake has to rescue his girlfriend, Rachael, who occasionally calls him via the school's phones, all the while fighting darkened faculty members along the way. There are two endings to the game, depending on how many phone calls you answer: If you answer all 12 phone calls, Rachael is saved, and you have the option to play as her. If not, then Rachael becomes possessed by the darkness.


Jake/Rachael has to create paths of light to safely travel to the exit doors of each room, or else he/she joins the darkness. Some of the light sources include lamps, a flashlight, TVs, etc. Light can also come from windows, which is why they have to be broken with a slingshot or cherry bombs. However, if too much light sources are used at once, they will short out. The bosses are vulnerable to light as well, which is why they will attempt to cover windows or turn off the other light sources. In addition to playing as Rachael, another difficulty/challenge mode (named "Dark") is also unlocked. You can also select any previously completed levels.